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Nursing Home Respite Care Salem OR

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Personal Care & Support Services
Sapphire at Rivers Edge takes pride in having a warm family atmosphere where everyone can interact and be part of the daily experience. We are a smaller facility, and that enables us to provide a higher focus on the daily needs of our residents.

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Nursing Home Care Salem OR
Sapphire At Rivers Edge
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Welcome To Sapphire at Rivers Edge – Skilled nursing and rehabilitation center for Seniors Sheridan, OR

24-Hour Care for Seniors Sapphire at Rivers Edge Rehab and Nursing is in Sheridan, Oregon and has 63 beds. Our community provides 24-hour nursing care for seniors from our highly trained Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses who focus on the individual needs of our residents. Our entire nursing staff understands the common goal of returning our patients back to their highest level of functioning possible.

 24 hour care for seniors at Rivers Edge in Sheridan, OR

Sapphire at Rivers Edge rehabilitation center for seniors is certified for short-term skilled Medicare stays. This allows individuals to achieve the highest level of recovery possible from a traumatic event through rehabilitation and therapy so that they may return home as active members of their community. We also provide long-term care for those who require assistance with everyday tasks and those with other medical needs. Our dedicated and compassionate employees strive to meet the various needs of each unique patient.

Why Choose Sapphire at Rivers Edge for Nursing Home Respite Care in Salem, OR?

The team at Sapphire at Rivers Edge is dedicated to making life more comfortable for every senior under our care. We specialize in nursing home care services, including respite care. Discover some of the advantages of respite care:

  • Relieve pressure and stress
  • Tend to your personal needs
  • Rest and recuperate

Respite care allows you to focus on yourself while we care for the senior in your life. If you need nursing home respite care in Salem, OR, you can rely on us for your much-needed break. Our skilled nursing staff can look after your loved one. We offer 24-hour nursing care.

Along with respite care, we provide in-house therapy, social services, dietary services, hospice care, and palliative care. Our skilled nursing services can provide an alternative to a retirement home for many seniors. Contact us today to learn more.

Explore Sapphire at Rivers Edge Respite Home Care Services in Salem, OR

Sapphire at Rivers Edge is a trusted choice for respite home care in Salem, OR. However, our services also cover other areas of senior care.

Through our community services, you can arrange:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • In-house therapy
  • Activities
  • Social services
  • Dietary services
  • Hospice care

Browse our frequently asked questions or contact Sapphire at Rivers Edge for more information. You can also find a map and directions, along with other helpful links throughout our site.

If you enjoy caring for others, we may have a position for you. View our latest job postings for employment opportunities.

We serve residents of Salem, Oregon, and the surrounding area. We are devoted to providing exceptional care and tailored solutions. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.